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We're always happy to meet new artists. If you're interested in collaborating for future editions, feel free to send us your application using the form below.

Please don't forget to include a portfolio or examples of your work. When we make a selection we usually try to combine different styles and media (so we can offer diverse prints) and look for a certain aesthetic. This is hard to explain in objective terms but basically, we combine "what we fall in love with" and "what we think people might like and buy". If your work is selected, we will reach out to you to see if you're still interested and available for the collaboration. The decision-making moment is of course when we meet (ideally IRL, if international a video call would be ok too) and if everyone feels good and is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration.

Need to attach files? This form can't handle that, please upload your files to WeTransfer and include your download link in your message.

Is your audience already going crazy waiting for your printed t-shirts? Perhaps campaigning with Katoenshop or directly ordering might be also appealing for you.

Questions? You can check our FAQ page here. Been there, didn't find that? Feel free to ask us anything and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.